This groovy tune will help you pick your work-from-home outfits while in quarantine

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I’m not needing pants right now!


I wear pants so folks don’t see I don’t wear underwear.

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I just wear my jammies all day.

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If you have to go to work, practice social distancing by wearing the most non-conforming clothing possible: Stephen King clown outfits, third-world dumpster diver attire, etc. Nobody will want to be seen within half a mile of you, not just six feet.

Why shouldn’t people take this time to practice nudity?

Nobody will be dropping by unexpectedly, lots of time at home. A lot easier to do than if yiu have to go to work or school every day.

The downside is that for many of us, it’s not yet warm outside, so not wearing clothes may be too cool, or require turning up the thermostat.

At least this would be optional. In "The Puppet Masters*, there’s a decree that everyone be naked at all times so people can see if a parasite from space is riding on you.

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