Dennis the Menace statue stolen ten years ago shows up across country

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The level of honesty here is pretty awesome. How many scrap dealers would just take the money and run?

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I’ve taken my kid to that park. It’s a great playground. Except for the f*#$ing helicopter parenting
litigious yuppie who didn’t bother to watch his/her kid climbing on the steam engine which has been in the park for DECADES with no injuries or problems. Now, it’s fenced off and nobody gets to have any fun any more. Dickwad.


I think that it was these two


That train was the best thing ever when I was a kid. The world is a worse place now that it is roped off.


I’m going with bronze here, not steel.

Today I learned that the Americans have a different Dennis the Menace from the UK. How peculiar.

The peculiar part is how both comic strips started within a week of each other.

Dennis the Menace (UK) - March 7, 1951
Dennis the Menace (US) - March 12, 1951


< Twilight Zone music >

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But do they have a Minnie the Minx? Or even a Beryl the Peril?

It’s a known missing piece, so its art value is close to nil. If it’s ~200lbs, then its scrap value could be between $2 (cast iron and steel, ~$100/ton) and $100 (aluminum, ~$0.50/lb). More than either of those if it’s copper or brass.

They’re probably making it back just from the publicity and goodwill. I know my local scrap center keeps stuff people turn in that’s nice. They have lots of Indian brass elephants in their front office.


Not as far as I can see. Not even an Ivy the Terrible

I can’t help feeling that the US missed out by not having our tradition of female comic book

Statues are usually cast in bronze, so that would make its recycling value somewhere in the range of $200-300. Still a small fraction of the $5000 reward for its safe return.


We do have Olive the Oyl and Popeye the Sailor.

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