Dental regulators want to stop man from selling teeth made from Sculpey


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He’s just trying to put a dentine the number of people who need false teeth. There’s no need for regulators to treat him like some kind of enamel. The government is getting caries away and I don’t see how this is molar behavior.


They can’t appreciate the the wisdom in his teeth.


How well does sculpey hold up? I didn’t think it was really that hard…


Good enough for eating poutine, eh!


Is that a kind of mustard?


I think we have a pretty serious disagreement here, but I don’t want to give you the brush-off or say something rude like “bite me!”. Do you think we can drill down into the details a little more, and possibly bridge our differences??


You make a great point. Fill me in later on the results.


He’s just a student gathering material for his dental pro’s thesis. The police seizure of the evi-dents will only gum up the works.


It’s the only way to get to the root of the problem.

If you solved it, you might later be presented with a shiny plaque.



You might have to brace yourself. While I doubt one of us will come away with a crown for winning the argument it might get incredibly heated. I haven’t considered the calculus but it could end with both of us having a lawyer on retainer. I admire your desire to chip away at our differences but I expect the argument to decay rapidly. I don’t want the civility of this forum to be impacted.



Why are you talking to my ex?


Do you also believe in the tooth fairy and other pulp fiction?


They’re just trying to gag someone for biting into of their molarnopoly with an innovocaine solution to an open-widespread problem. In this receding economy, a lot of people are having to whiten their belts, and they should say “aah no” to this extraction racket, orthodontists will keep bleeding gums dry (socket).


Ugh, once again there’s Big Dental, using the government to shut down another enterprising small business owner!


I suppose it’s too late to hope that the major parties will cooperate to find a bicuspid solution to the problem.


I know he said he glazed it but I would definitely not want this in my mouth. Poly-clay leaks chemicals and should not be used uncoated on anything that’s going to come in regular contact with skin. I have to assume it’s even worse for something going on your mouth.

The dentists are definitely in the right on this one, at least in principle. Even if his coating is mouth safe, who verifies he applies it safely every time? What’s the real MTBF on the coating? How do you know when it has failed and you’re ingesting bad stuff?


Sorry to post something without a dental pun:

Isn’t the person just making a cosmetic prop, and not an actual denture prosthesis? Are “flips” or “grills” regulated this way?