Dentist convicted of breaking patients' teeth so he could charge to repair them

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Surprised that he didn’t offer to throw in a free oil change too.


I guess it wasn’t safe.



I honestly have never really trusted dentists, in particular my last dentist who I was convinced looked in my mouth and saw boat payments.


I was gonna say, where did he graduate, Firestone dental college?


See also tire shop owners who distribute sharp objects in the street and glaziers who break windows on purpose.


With so many in the running already for “Asshole of the Year” I just can’t keep track.


Stories like these give me nightmares. I mean it’s bad enough wondering if the auto mechanic is pulling any shenanigans like this.

I mean jeez… can’t they just like about the teeth being broken and then like that they’re fixed? wouldn’t that be easier?


The Dentist (1996) - Trailer HD 1080p - YouTube one of my exes had us watch this under the influence of psychedelics. Not recommended.

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The first dentist I ever saw told us I had eight cavities. His proximity to us made him my mom’s first choice. I was 6 years old then and my mom was standing by in the operatory room when the discovery was made. She pretty much blew a head gasket and insisted that the guy was wrong. His response involved re-poking my teeth with a dental tool and saying, “See?! See?!” After hitting him with, “I’m not paying for this!” (this being the examination), my mom dragged me out of there and took me too a dentist recommended by one of our neighbors. Two cavities. I still remember the first dentist’s name. Wolfer. He probably saw everyone else as sheep.


Meme-wise, when he was reviewing the dental records and things started to look sinister, was it:
Or was it:



So, I think what we’ve learned is:
Avoid all “crazy-eyed” medical professionals.
Avoid all medical professionals who do not wear a tie.
Avoid all medical professionals who wear any shade of violet.
Avoid all medical professionals who have pocket handkerchiefs.


Uh oh. While I do not have crazy eyes, I did have a really nice metallic purple collared shirt (no suit jacket tho), and stopped wearing ties because 1) uncomfortable as hell 2) as a professor of mine in Zoo med stated "why the hell would a Vet wear a tie? That’s a grabbable highway straight to your face! - see also “do not wear anything around your neck near the primates. They will choke you with it.”

I once wore a “pocket handkerchief” with scrubs (it was a baby bunny, and was not a handkerchief)[it needed to be kept warm, and it looked crazy cute in there]


He also exposed them to an unnecessary xray, to get the proof something was broken. The danger of dental xrays is pretty negligible, but it’s still a crappy thing to do.

And done in two.

I don’t know if this is still true. A few years ago my friend who is a dentist said that Medicaid (the US health program for the poor) paid dentists per filling, thus incentivizing them. He said that he would see patients with many small fillings knowing the an unscrupulous dentist had been at their teeth.


Oh, nah, it’s cool. It’s not like there’s a pattern of people mistrusting experts, and medical professionals in particular lately. I’m sure they’ll see this as just one bad egg and not let this crime warp their worldview to the point where they end up losing their teeth, or dying early from completely preventable diseases that a doctor could have caught in time.

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Really? Then please volunteer for a whole bunch of unnecessary dental x-rays. The danger may be statistically negligible, but it’s not negligible at all for the people whose cancer is actually caused (or exacerbated) by those x-rays.

Thanks, but already voluntarily exposed myself to workplace radiation for science. An individual dental xray exposure causing an adverse event is likely low compared to the risk from getting unneeded dental surgery, for example, or to other medical imaging other than MRI, but not zero, and that’s why I pointed out it was a shitty thing to do.

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