Dentists report spike in cracked teeth likely due to pandemic stress

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Pandemic stress? I am fine with the pandemic. It’s the UK government that gets me grinding my teeth. I doubt I would have any teeth left if I was in the US.


When folks ask me what I am up to lately, my pat reply is “Grinding my teeth.”


Wait until you see the spike in demand for liver transplants by the time this is all said and done.


I had a terrible case of TMJ back in March/April. I didn’t perceive any extra stress but my jaw was saying something else.


Yeah, I wear a mouth guard when I sleep and my teeth are still pretty fucked these days, thanks to nighttime (and hell, daytime) stress grinding.


I hate to be just a little cynical about the highly altruistic profession of dentistry, but one does have to wonder when “dentists find increased incidents of cracked teeth due to pandemic” in the middle of a pandemic that is severely impacting their patient-flow. Just sayin

Um, wouldn’t that require dentist to be breaking into people’s houses and cracking their teeth while they sleep? :thinking: A cracked tooth tends to be something you actively seek out care for after all. I don’t know how they can create a need for cracked tooth repair that doesn’t include B&E capers…

Now I’m imagining my dentist doing that… Nope… he would not.


I’m just gun-shy, after a dentist discovered “micro cracks” in a family member’s teeth possibly due to “nocturnal teeth-grinding” (ie when they and nobody around them could be aware of it happening) that required several thousands of dollars of treatments that seemed to need to be repeated and repeated ad infinitum.

That’s very different from the dentist having caused people to crack their teeth in the first place, tho, which is what you seemed to imply.

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I have read that people are suggesting badly set up home offices giving bad posture leading to hunching and grinding.

In my case add in longer hours and much less moving during the day.


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