Depp Axed From Crappy Pirate Franchise


Ok, the first two were good.


Why are they even trying to make more of these movies? Do they need a write-off for next year’s taxes, or something?


IDK but if they do go and use the Deadpool team and throw in a new actor (?) it might be worth the effort to reboot the series.

Ironically Depp is looking more and more like Deadpool.



Say what you will about other aspects of Depp. The character of Jack Sparrow was easily the best thing in that franchise and was one of the best characters of that era of films.


Because they’re still bringing in ridiculous amounts of money, not just with the films, but the spin-off books, merchandise, attractions, etc. The tricky thing is that Jack Sparrow is the best thing about those movies, while also getting tiresome quickly when he’s over-used. I could see them doing ‘prequel’ films with someone new playing a young, not-as-hoary Jack. He’s gotten kinda gross as Depp’s gotten older.


Is that the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis he has there?


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