DeRay Mckesson running for mayor: "I am a son of Baltimore"

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I thought Mayor Carcetti had a real shot at turning Baltimore around but it turned out that he was just using the office as a stepping-stone as part of a long-term scheme to build power in Westeros.


This is exciting news (even if BLM has less teeth than I wish it did).

I thought he was pretty good with Colbert.


Thanks, that was great!

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Excellent news!

Heeeeyyy, waitaminute Mr. Paintshop Poopy. What the double eff is going on at the bottom of the jacket at viewer’s left? Huh? Could it be a hankerchief? Could it be some strange vestige of Ye Olde Worlde Tailoring? A little too much pixelated patterning, a little too shadowy-weird…but hey, I’m sure, SO SURE we’ve all got an extra button on our suit lapels right there.
Or is it shooped? Oh I think we know what’s going on here…

EDIT: I hope to hell that McKeeson’s entry into the race 1) works as a platform for his message, which is one that Baltimore desperately needs, and 2) puts downward pressure on some of the other candidates that really shouldn’t be there cough SHEILA “Gift Card Stealin’” DIXON cough

One of the other candidates is a close family member of someone I know. If I was voting in this election (I’m not) my vote would almost definitely go to Deray. If there are other people like me, he has a real chance.

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