Toronto's crack-smoking mayor, covered in the style of foreign affairs


I love it!

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Well played! Now I want to hear that right-wing troll denounce it!


So good to see how well Max has recovered from his travails at Rushmore Academy.

Some of the comments on the Post site are remarkable, showing that there are people who are utterly incapable of grasping satire even when the article’s satirical nature is clearly spelled out for them up front.

Life on the left-hand side of the bell curve?

Oh, and the bit about the Queen was priceless. Funnier still, there are still people here in Canada who occasionally try to get her involved in our political process, invoking some fantasy of ultimate monarchical power to save us from ourselves, ignoring the completely symbolic/ceremonial nature of her role.

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My, my. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a collection of overblown and hysterically silly sludge.

Did get my day off to a humourous start, however.

Don’t you dare insult Max like that!*

*Not just saying that because he got a handjob from Dirk’s mom…

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The tone is right on, but they’ve got the tribal allegiances a bit muddled - Ford is the local stooge of the distant Ottawa regime, whose ineptitude threatens to temporarily unite the local squabbling leftist and centrist warlords against him.

The question is not, “will the Ottawa regime send in the military to depose him?” but “should a coup arise, will the Ottawa regime send in the military to quash it?”

I’m still not entirely convinced that he’s real.

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