Rob Ford stripped of powers




He’s a role model!


A roll model.


Were his powers granted to another? Who could be more worthy? Is he mortal now? So many questions, inquiring mind need to know…


And there was great rejoicing.


You forgot the “T” in front.


Not particularly major though. He can no longer appoint or remove members of the executive committee, committee chairs, or the Deputy Mayor, but all current appointees (placed there by him) will stay in place. Council makes these decisions now.

As for the Emergency Management powers - the only thing it really does is make the Deputy Mayor the figurehead for response instead of the Mayor.

Any statutory powers are still in place. He’s still Mayor.


His title is not “Hizzoner” or even “His HonorHonour”. It’s “His Worship”.


"Your Staff is Broken." (Or at least reassigned to other city officials.)


I hope he doesn’t try to drown his sorrows with alcohol or drugs. That would be sad.


Oh, the colonies.


Im pretty sure he is busy plotting his revenge, lawsuits, and cocaine binging.


So sad. I really liked his policy about the Ladiez you posted up yesterday. Now there’s a political idea I can get down on, so to speak.


Be fair, David Cameron would be about 10,00% more sufferable if he had an ongoing drug-fueled-insanity problem. It might lend him a touch of authenticity, at least.


Our Dear, Shiny-faced Leader has NEVER touched drugs. Not even on nights out with the Bullingdon Club, or that suspiciously similar-looking fellow at an illegal rave in the 90s. Not ever, nooo.


It’s like Scarface.


Why not Scarf Ace?


“It was you, all right? We learned it from watching you!”


Hubris and Nemesis in the modern age. I feel sad about this. The guy needs to move on and get his sh*t back together


Can’t you send Prince Charles over to give the little rascal a stern talking to, and possibly six of the best, or something along these lines?