Rob Ford stripped of powers

Or Prince Philip. They could complain endlessly about the lesser races.


I can’t believe the Queen hasn’t popped over yet to smack his bottom.

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Quick Philip! To the Queenmobile!

BTW: wouldn’t it be really nice if Alan Bennett’s ‘The Uncommon Reader’ became reality?

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He’d have to browse Herman Göring’s wardrobe for that.

“Scarf Ace” sounds like a compliment. Like “hey, you rock some awesome scarves”

AKA not (His Worship) Rob Ford

Was thinking that’s really more how he trips…

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It will be more significant if they strip his office of it’s budget on Monday. Then he’ll have to fire 13 of this 16 staff (or pay them out of his own pocket).

Yeah. If his whole staff resign en mass maybe it would communicate the message to him.

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and the Lord did grin and people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orang-utans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats and…


To hell with LBF. I think I just want to own that painting for a while…

Salaries just got more expensive too. Everyone in his office just apparently got a big raise last week as a reward or sticking around.

The funny thing about references to the DoE above is that according to one or another of the docs that were released last week, RoFo actually got wasted at one point and bailed on an official event with the Duke at the last minute. SO even if you did send him over, he probably wouldn’t get any time with Ford.

No I didn’t.

It was a joke, since I think he is a troll. Don’t take offense.

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