Toronto council strips power from mayor Rob Ford, who compares himself to Kuwait




He is still allowed to perform ribbon-cutting ceremonies . . . but really, would you trust the guy around a giant pair of scissors?

I wouldn’t want to be a breakable object in Mayor Ford’s house tonight.


I demanded that Twitter followers make me a video of Rob Ford accompanied by Yakity Sax. And so they did. Here With great power comes great responsibility. I could have demanded that Twitter followers give a few bucks to charity or perform an act of kindness or call their mothers and tell them that they love them, but meh.


Come on Xeni, he didn’t “body slam” her. Don’t be dramatic. It was more like an angry hippo running over a tourist on safari.


It actually even looks like he keeps her from falling. Y’know, after nearly trampling her.


Gotta agree. Looks like he was heading somewhere past her, accidentally knocked her over, and then caught her.

He may be a rotten mayor but he did not attack her. But is that how it will be spun?


If this were made into a Rob Schneider movie, it would have been considered lazy writing.


Good lord, BoingBoing, he certainly did not “body slam” anyone, you nits.


Came for the “Laughable Bumblefuck”. Left disappointed. Rated 1/5. Would not read again.


I don’t know why people are even bothing to try and exaggerate what happened here. Isn’t his rushing toward’s hecklers in an attempt to intimidate them (and all the rest of his shennanigans) embarassing enough?

“Rob Ford runs through council meeting, crashes into council member.” Surely there’s no need to attribute to malice what can be easily explained by incompetence/inhebriation.

No one has to goose the facts on this guy to make him appear foolish. The actual facts are doing a bang up job all on their own.


Kuwait’s Smaller.


He was running to scream and threaten members of the gallery after they were screaming “SHAME” at him.


i’m hoping we have finally moved on from that, since the whole thing has become more than just a wacky, eye-rolling joke at this point.


This wasn’t Cory’s entry. Cory’s entry later does still use Laughable Bumblefuck. I don’t think that’s changing at BoingBoing. Or with Cory. So… that’s just the way it’s going to be around here.


And less oily.


I would say he perhaps shoved her, or bowled her over!

For future reference, these are the kind of body slams I was expecting:


Other videos show that at the time Doug Ford was getting into a screaming match with members of the public in the public gallery. It looks like Rob was running quickly over worried what might happen, like his brother possibly getting into a fist fight with a member of the public. The councilor member was in Rob’s way and just ran into her as he was watching his brother rather than where he was going.


V. disappointed. I was so looking forward to seeing Rob “Laughable Bumblefuck” Ford actually body slam a human. Why would you lie like that, Xeni? ;_;


Internet headline writing is an embarrassment of bait-and-switches.


Just another one of those “wonderful things”. I guess.