Toronto council strips power from mayor Rob Ford, who compares himself to Kuwait

My impression was they started shouting “shame” at him after he knocked over a slender middle aged city councillor for no good reason (whether deliberately because he’s an idiot, or accidentally because he’s an idiot)…

His demeanour and actions bring to mind a child or teenager - there’s nothing “professional” or “business-like” about him, which to a certain extent I’d expect of a mayor of a large city…

…also, in any other line of work, you can be sacked for “gross negligence”, does this really not apply here? Are they seriously that limited that they can only force him out if he has a criminal conviction? That opens the door to a whole load of potential abuses.

It appears the list of people disappointed in bOING bOING could field their own Not A Body Slam basketball team.

Considering how much point-and-laugh material Ford has given us, it amazes me when people make things up just to spice up a headline about him.

And Leon’s getting LARGER!!

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I would re-elect this guy in a second. The entertainment is so worth it. I mean these days I have a choice of two candidates who both will basically lie to the voters and do whatever they are paid the most to do. At least Rob is entertaining, and drives the council nuts. Its a win win.

Well, all respect, if you don’t really care about who runs your city… why waste your time voting at all? I don’t mean that meanly, but if the whole value of it is trollolol, is it really worth your time to go down to a polling place, wait in line, and vote ?

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