Man angrily throws 13 foot Rob Ford at City Council


A gentleman was evidently outraged that fellow voters wanted him to take Rob Ford and leave a Council meeting. He did leave, and returned with a very large Rob Ford. After throwing Rob Ford into the meeting and shouting obscenities, the Rob Ford enthusiast left, forcing the council to call police and animal control for assistance.


/r/subredditsimulator is leaking again.


I think possibly @OtherMichael is or wrote a bot.

Did you hear Rob Ford passed?


We are the Internet,
We are Rob’s Children
We are the ones who make a brighter thread
So let’s start typing
There is a post we’re making
Were saving our own lives
It’s true we’ll make a better board, just you and me


On the right-hand or left-hand side?


I think we all know he passed on… The Left Hand Side.


Links to Posts on the Death of Rob Ford
Rob Ford still dead?

My word.


Is this the Huffing Rob Ford’s Ashes thread?
Rob Ford Rob Ford


Like I’ve been asking you Rob Fords all day - why don’t we start a thread about it!!!

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