Derren Brown sends creepy life-size Victorian dolls into the London Underground

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Unaccompanied? Does he have any idea how many predators there are?


They’re still not as disturbing as these guys.


I sure as hell hope that they didn’t sneak up behind anyone. I like to think that I’m an even keeled person, but if I got bumped from the back, and turned around to see that, I can’t imagine that my response would consist of anything other than pissing and shitting myself whilst screaming and flailing wildly at them with whatever the nearest weildable item may be (even if said “item” were someone else’s small child).

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I lost a good deal of respect for Derren Brown after learning that his show ‘Apocalypse’ was completely inauthentic and used an actor as ‘Steven Brosnan’, the main ‘victim’.
The actor’s name is Anthony Eden, he is currently in a show called ‘The Woman in Black’ and lists Derren Brown’s Apocalypse as one of his acting credits.
I see also that Brown is doubling down and acting hurt and angered at the suggestion it was faked.
Silly boy.

Yep, Derren Brown is an utter bellend alright.

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