Derren Brown show's unepxected finale: wife pushes husband off balcony



The Palace theatre warns guests on its website not to sit in the highest tier if they are scared of heights or have limited mobility.

… or spouses prone to kill you “as a joke”. BLAM! Ha ha, j/k!

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…last line in every argument that couple ever has…“oh yeah, well you pushed me off a fucking balcony!”


Not for any future argument for me. That’s grounds for divorce in my book.

Ah, well, perhaps during the litigation.

Uhm… not sure I get the joke…

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yeah, there’s something missing from this story, or something erroneous to it.

“Honey, come here and take a look over the balcony railing. What is that down there?”

“Yeah… I’m not falling for that one again.”

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