Design for a vertical city in the Sahara desert




OXO makes scrub brushes and arcologies?


And stock cubes.


Looking at the “section” view, it seems it also has an orca in the basement.


It’s a lot of pretty pictures, but if California can’t meet its own water needs how exactly is a city built in the middle of the world’s biggest desert going to get water? I would RTFA, but je ne parlez pas Francais.


Maybe they will eschew water bottling plants and wine making.


The google translate did not find anything mentioning water supply. My guess is a combination of seashore desalination plant and a long pipeline, with closed-cycle of water in the building. Same as it works on the space station, just bigger.


At the top right of the page, you’ll see two square buttons. One says “FR” and the other “EN”. Guess what happens if you press that second button?


Free Enchiladas!


A CException and a stack trace?


I refuse to believe my computer system is working better than yours, based on other highly-expert answers you’ve given on this site.


Nah, just the enchiladas. Whose fault is it if you don’t choose “free”?


…it works from anonymous window. I broke something cookie-wise by first running a machine translation and THEN clicking the “EN” button.

Both our systems work well, it’s theirs that made resource tradeoffs between appearance and error handling.


The website appears to be largely devoid of factual details, but they make an oblique reference to a “water basin” which might be a natural water source at that particular location. Which would mean they would be building on an oasis.


I have a pretty good idea, but instead I’ll just press the “Reply” button and admit I’m an idiot. And pay for my enchiladas.


I hate these stupid arhitectural concept buildings that have absolutely no consideration for anything other than looking futuristic. No concessions for any of the immense engineering challenges at all.


Yep, agreed.

Fer starters: it’s likely that they’ll have to dig down about 150m to set the pillars onto bedrock.

Besides, why not install a bunch of shadow-casting heat sink fins that will help with cooling?
And…what surrounding city will logistically and financially support that building?


They have ways of storing water, it’s the sand worms you have to worry about.


A great destination for cars that drive themselves.