Designer Marc Newson makes a $12,000 hourglass

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Good for intimidating people who want a few minutes of an executive’s time.


I don’t know about $12,000 but it is a beautiful thing artfully made. I expect it will sell well, though not to me.


Newson is very talented. Check out some of his other work:

I suspect an original Newson piece like that will hold it’s value well over time.

Like sands through the hourglass so is the money of our lives.


The pretentiousness. It hurts.

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All I see is toys for very rich people. Neat design? Yeah, maybe. Inspired? Not particularly.

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Very nice. I’ll wait for the inevitable (and inevitably much cheaper) overseas knockoff.

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Boing Boing, bringing you one-percenter news every hour, on the hour?

I mean, how will the pleb sitting in your office know you are the simply better than him if you don’t have a bauble whose price would have easily freed said pleb of, say, crushing medical debt but went instead towards a fancy egg timer. After all, it’s tactile.

(That means you can touch it. Your common or plebeian hourglasses, as I understand it, are so poorly built that your fingers go right through them. Completely insubstantial.)

But it’s tactile.


Wow, I have one almost like that, only taller and with crystalline white sand that shimmers just so. I paid 12$ for it; it was on sale at my local Chapters book store.


How to you set the daylight savings time?


I get that things are worth what you can sell them for.

I make custom knives that can run anywhere from $35 to over $1k. I don’t sell a lot of $1k+ knives (the last one was a couple of years ago to a collector in NY who probably spends more than that monthly on a parking space), and the $35 ones sell faster than I can make them (which is still like $35 for a few hours worth of work).

But 12k for some skillful glassblowing?
I think someone who could afford this may just want to consider a Chihuly hourglass, you know so other 1%-ers can at least have a bit of name recognition, and be suitably impressed.


C’mon, peoples, that’s only $200 a minute - bargain :neutral_face:

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I must admit the use of little copper(colored, at least, I didn’t catch a specific alloy name) ball bearings does look pretty cool.

And make me wonder what the abrasion resistance is; and how many cycles you get before the balls are no longer shiny and some amount of dust clings to portions of the interior. In my definitely-not-a-metallurgist attempt to check, it appears that copper alloys vary pretty widely on that score.


You have to move over a time zone.

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No need to wait:

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Would you have the same reaction if somebody had a $10,000 Bob Ross painting hung on their wall?

Not my style, generally speaking. but I have to admit, I like the fuzzy backpack…

I saw this and thought…“wait a minute. I remember this on Kickstarter” It’s from way back in 2014. You could get gold or copper color spheres version for only $50 (the price back then).