Desiring an apple, this dog demonstrates a keen understanding of mass

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Fell for a clickbait video afterwards. As clickbait goes it was decent though: got to the point, story was good.


We have two dogs and recently fostered a third. She’s a cross between an Irish Wolfhound and a German Shepherd. She’s been starved, can’t hear very well and can’t see too well either. She might be eight years old, she might be older. It’s hard to tell. My wife has a horse - or rather, a share in a horse - a cob, and sometimes she rides it down to our house to clean its legs or give it a carrot. We live in an urban three-bedroom house on a fairly busy street. We have a drive which is just big enough for the horse to turn around. She thought she would introduce Jess, the new dog, to Charlie the horse. Jess’s reaction: “Arrgh! That’s the biggest feckin’ dog I’ve ever seen!”


I remember this story coming up all over chat forums and social media. Unfortunate how the leopard had to be driven away.

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And Irish Wolfhounds are feckin’ big dogs!

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They are that. When I was just a wee sprog, I was playing in the sand at the beach at Tyrella - that’s a real flat beach, and might be a mile between high and low tide - when suddenly it got dark. And over to my left there was a hairy grey column. One on the right, too, and two behind me. I looked up. There was a hairy belly above my head. An Irish Wolfhound had walked over me, without either of us noticing until it stopped. I’ve loved them ever since. Jess is not that big.


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