From tiny to towering, this video compares adult dog sizes

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No “Great Pyrenees”?? …thought those topped the scale, at least in terms of mass. Also, along with mass, might somewhat sadly, want longevity noted, which tends to correlate to the small breeds (maybe)

Neolithic Breeder A: See that wolf? Imma gonna turn it into a squirrel.
Neolithic Breeder B: Pfft. See that wolf? Imma gonna turn it into a horse.
Neolithic Gardener: Amateurs. Wait until you see what I’m doing with Brassicas.


What, no ACD or Blue / Red Heeler? What sort of bullshit list is this?

Sorry. Even on 2x speed (and muted) this thing was just plodding along. This would have been better as an interactive infographic instead of an uncanny valley youtube video.

My dog is a rescue with nine breeds in her genome so such information is of limited utility to us at any rate.

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I like a pit bull. Mid sized, short coat, built like a tank. I like the combination of adorable, and the ability to destroy me, if it got the notion.

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I would have thought the teacup dogs at approximately 5" or so would have won this match (didn’t watch the vid).

…and cats we bred as small as possible so they won’t eat us.


Pretty sure they’re wrong about the smallest dog breed.

Yorkies are legit tiny and have been for a long time.

On the other hand that wolfhound looked smaller next to a human than they normally are. Horses. Goofy horses.

Talking of goofy I would have liked to see an Irish Water Spaniel there. They are pretty darn big and the actual goofiest nutters ever. Not much compares to the overwhelming excitement of one of them meeting you after an absence. They do zoomies and explode with it.

I can understand using animation/reconstructions for animals that are extinct or fictional spaceships, but, seriously, how hard was it to find a picture of a real Dalmatian?


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I thought the same myself. At least some of those aren’t recognized breeds, I think?

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