Desk lamps, GoPro Hero3, Red Ryder BB Gun (Gadgets 002)


You’ll shoot your eye out kid.

I actually have an unopened Red Ryder BB rifle, and a box of BBs, in the basement.

I’m not sure if it has a compass and a sundial in the stock.

Mine does not.

a.k.a. “This thing which tells time.”

In each episode the editors and friends of Boing Boing recommend technology they love and use.

I haven’t listened to it yet. Is Xeni getting in on this one, or a future episode? I can’t remember seeing anything from her on useful gadgets before, but my memory isn’t so great these days.

I love lamp.

The curse of spending too much time on the net is that for every company you remember a reason to hate them.


Ask and thou shalt receive. Xeni just agreed to join us next week!

Maybe I’m a bit of a bb gun snob, but I’ve found Daisy’s Red Ryder and similar smaller Buck from around the last 10 or so years of production to be pretty awful in comparison to Daisy’s vintage models. I don’t demand a huge amount of power or accuracy from BB guns, but recent production seems to quite poor. Way too many flyers. With the vintage Daisy lever guns, I could get Necco wafers at 10 yds without too much difficulty. No way with the new Daisy lever guns. An alternative is the Daisy reissue Model 25, which is a spring powered BB gun that uses a pump style cocking mechanism rather than the lever. I found this new model to be superior, if a bit harder to find and more expensive. Another even better available-new BB gun is the low cost Crosman 760 pneumatic pump gun. Both Daisy Model 25 and Crosman 760 offer better accuracy low cost, and less frustration, IMO, than the Red Ryder.

That’s great! After I posted the other day I remembered that she had posted about a cool kitchen gadget awhile back, a sort of hand-cranked produce lathe - built along similar lines to the old hand-cranked apple and potato peelers, but this one turned fruit and vegetables into a kind of noodle.

I listen to Jean Shepherd’s old radio shows. These include the original versions of his “Ralphie” stories, told as though they happened to him as a kid and not a fictional counterpart.

In the early version of the BB gun story, it was the Daisy that young Jean pined over; he considered the Red Ryder to be an inferior product!

Also, realize that Ralphie was probably a decade younger than Jean was in reality-- “A Christmas Story” takes place in what is generally thought to be 1940 (from internal evidence). But Jean Shepard was born in 1921.

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