Desk made from a pinball table


Unfortunately pinball machines make terrible tables due to the slant of the glass. Anytime someone tries to put something on one of mine it rolls off.

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And besides, your desk stops working (until you pop in more money) if you slam one of the drawers with a little too much ‘conviction’ or if you bump it when you stand up.


I’m kind of surprised he didn’t level the table, seeing as how that’s a very obvious issue. That and the raised metal bezel around the glass make it a fairly useless table. The glass on those things isn’t particularly thick, too. I’ve seen pinball table glass shatter from being hit by a ball that got launched upwards by a flipper. I certainly wouldn’t want to lean on it with my elbows or anything.

Around 4:05 it looks to me like he did level the legs, then took it outside to shoot it on a sloping driveway.

Could be wrong, though.

Pinball tables are already mostly there. After pulling the back off the only thing left is to saw off part of the back legs to make it level.

I see one obvious flaw: any handy criminal with a hacksaw can turn a vintage pinball machine into a desk. It is not so easy to turn any old desk into a pinball machine.

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