Despite Brexit, the UK is going to end up sending billions to the EU

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Yeah, pretty much everything I read on this issue said that there would be no cost savings, and indeed, the amount paid to the EU was less than what it got back.


when only looking at the bottom line (direct payments to the EU compared to direct payments from the EU) the UK is a net payer. the economical effects of the membership are hard to quantify, I don’t think it is possible to give an unanimous monetary value.

otoh as a human being I profited enormously from the EU, without the freedom of movement I would have missed out many persons important in my life


Yeah, but sovereignty.

(not that the sovereign parliament is going to be allowed to have anything to do with it)


Pound hits 168 year low:


Pay more, get less. Brought to you by fear and racism… Are we going to make sure we vote this election?


I was baffled by Brits who claimed that the UK was so important to the EU economy that the EU would be tripping over themselves to give them a sweet deal for access to the common market after Brexit. It was so, so delusional. It’s unfortunate the whole kingdom is having to suffer for their delusions.

The UK xenophobia really strains the American definition of ‘racism,’ doesn’t it? Because while the UK right talks about Slavs and Muslims in the tone one would normally reserve for words like ‘vermin’ neither ‘Slav’ nor ‘Muslim’ are a race.

Luckily, the words ‘bigotry’ is still there to lend a helping hand.

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It doesn’t work that way.

Yep, the UK may have to pay the EU for exports. WTO tariffs are a percentage of the value of exports to the EU.

Yep, the EU may have to pay the UK for exports. WTO tariffs are a percentage of the value of exports to the UK.

It works both ways.

Turns out the countries with the surplus end up paying more in tariffs than the country with the deficit.

All the UK does is offer exporters rebates on their Exports, paid with from the tariffs from the EU’s exports to the UK.

Doesn’t look too good for the EU.

They lose all contributions from the UK

They have to pay the UK, net, to trade with us.

They don’t get free movement and the ability to export unemployed to the UK, and have the UK pay for them.

The UK is going to have to pay either way.
Either it pays for some form of access to the single market, or it pays tariffs on all of its imports. And with a £4.7 billion trade deficit, the UK loses when tariffs are put on everything.

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