Destiny 2 "Beta" begins on PS4 and Xbox One

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I was a regular player of Destiny 1 because I liked the aesthetics, the story (or lack of) and the gunplay … until the first expansion arrived. The expansion confirmed my dawning fear that it was designed as a grind-fest. The grinding, the lack of content and auto-matching for raids was a serious turn off.

I trying to convince me that restarting with Destiny 2 is a good idea but all the talk about clans and the lack of content shown so far giving me serious doubts. I like to play on my own for the most part (with a strike or raid once in a while), introducing clans is a sign that solo-play isn’t as viable as in Destiny 1.

Is this the one that is going to be available via Blizzard’s Battlenet?

Grinding went away with the second expansion and the system became kind of comical by the end.

How? Is the light-level no longer tied to gear? You needed advanced raid gear to reach the top light-level (30?32? can’t remember) in vanilla Destiny. After that I had to grind Vault of Glass two dozen times to get the Vex Mythoclast and Fatebringer. I nearly threw my PS4 out of the window after the first expansion turned my exotics to shit and Bungie invented a new in-game currency for upgrading exotics.

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You can make level 40 and 400 across the board in a day of play, now its all about getting the various rolls on the unlimited maxed out drops you get from everything to have perfected characters with superfast regen.

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no need for raids to get the best armor and guns?

For sure there are still items that are only found in raids, but PVP, iron banner and other strikes will get you some great gear too. If you are a “completest must have everything” gamer, then you will have a bit of a slog in D1. If not, and you just like a cool environment that allows you to play with your friends (like me) then Destiny can still be a blast.

Played the D2 beta myself last night. So far the new weapons and power ups are pretty cool and fun. Titan defender mode super? You get a Captain America like energy shield. Haven’t touched the other classes yet.


Not really, best weapons come from Iron Banner and Crucibe drops now – also they made the raids a lot more accessible and added matchmaking. Raid Armor is now really only good for making the raids easier.

Osiris weapons and stuff were hard to get but after a while that all started dropping in Crucible iirc. They made the last year about making sure you have everything you want. The INSANE quests to get year1 weapons are no longer a thing, they are all quest lines do-able by mortals.

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Sounds good so far. Allays my fears about the grinding part. Let’s see what happens on the clan issue in Destiny 2.

It’s interesting how people are split on how they feel about RNG in Destiny. Many deride it & yet many see it as one of the reasons why they stayed hooked on the game. I know Bungie is attempting to take much of the bite of it out in the sequel and that has some people a little concerned.

I’ve been playing the beta the past two days and i’m having some concerns about how they are going to reward people who play consistently. They’ve been a bit reluctant to share details about the reward cycle this far from the game’s release.

(Also I think I might switch back to warlock over titan although I have yet to try hunter in the beta)

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Shards went away. Most of the need for all the “materials” went away and you can buy it all in game with plentiful in-game monies. Rarely do you have to go farm for something. Unless you want a specific raid drop weapon, which is generally not the best in PVP, you won’t really notice. The best PvP stuff comes from PvP now, etc.

Yeah, I don’t do Trials because the pressure is too much (for me) with only 3 people, and I suck at PvP in general. I stick with normal Crucible and Iron Banner stuff. I was excited to finally get the Trials scout rifle, Burning Eye, in a Crucible drop. Looking forward to D2.

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