Destiny's Sparrow Racing League is back

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It’s so good to see a fellow Destiny player on here. I’ve missed SRL and the Icebreaker. Memories of the Vault of Glass raid…frustratingly good times.


Hell yeah!

Destiny has become the only game I play. I dunno if I am up for another SRL grind now that I made 400. (Maybe for unique sparrows?) At the point where just trying to collect all ghosts, fragments, exotics, etc.

I don’t have the Vex or Necrochasm on Xbone, and so am looking to run the legacy raids, esp. now that my SO has an Xbone as well.

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I am so stoked for this. I really dig the changes, plus icebreaker.

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Also, hot tip guys: if you are still slogging through the Thorn or Chaperone bounties, make time on Christmas day for PvP. I had multiple matches last Christmas at 13.0 k/d from all the n00bs.


I’m a big time Destiny player but I’m also on vacation. I can’t wait to get back to play.

I am 3% complete in “void weapon kills in Crucible” for Thorn. What a slog.

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I wish there was a primary weapon that was void. I’m stuck with a shotgun.

This Thorn was much, much easier than the old Thorn. I need to check and find out how to get Ice Breaker, because I get a feeling Sparrow Racing isn’t it.

Needing Void as a Hunter for Y1 thorn and only having some bad Fusion rifle made that quest a real pain. With the Shadowwalker hunter it was a lot, lot easier – as the scoring system was much easier, without the two steps back for every one forward thing.

Y1 raid weapons have some void primaries. I have an auto rifle from PoE, think I got it from Skolas (Wolfslayer’s Claw I think?). Word of Crota hand cannon from the Crota raid, and Atheon’s Epilog from VoG raid.

Just don’t try to take any of them into Trials or IB.

ETA, the heavy machine gun with a high impact, slow fire archetype is a great way to get lots of void kills.

Also ETA: Custom matches now allow you to cheat on this, and get a bunch of friends in a Rumble match, and just have them line up for you. Depends how you feel about cheating on the bounties.

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Is there any way to still get these? If I do the particular raids you mention, do they still drop? What is “VoG” (as I don’t recognize it)? If I could get a void primary, it would go a lot quicker.

Because they suck in PvP?

True but then you have to be the first to heavy ammo, which depending on the map, is a dice throw. The void shotgun I have (I don’t recall its name as I’m in another state right now but I’m pretty sure I got it from Dead Orbit) works out and it as has a longer range on zoom. It’s just tedious as I’m an “autorifle and fist” Titan normally. I use a Monte Carlo or the arc exotic autorifle in most PvP matches.

If anyone wants to play and is on PS4, I’m “openbuddha” on the PS Network.

Same here!

As far as I know, they still drop in the y1 raids. VoG is vault of glass, btw.

They are actually not bad in PvP since the last Auto rifle buff. Obviously you’d be better off with a void pulse rifle, but not sure if those exist. Reason not to use them in iron banner or trials is because damage is calculated off of light level, and they are stuck at year 1 light levels. (Bungie’s clever way of retiring stuff they deemed to be overpowered, which elemental primaries definitely were. I got to a point in y1 that I could solo the nightfall every week as long as it had an elemental burn)

I am Habeebtc on both xbl and psn. Feel free to friend me and catch me online sometime. Lately just Xbox, though. (Why both? Because apparently I am a masochist)

Are you? :slight_smile:
I used to use pulse in PvP but since I got the high rate/low impact exotic autorifles, I use them in PvP and PvE most of the time.


I’ll look you up online when I’m within 2,000 miles of my PS4. I haven’t gotten an Xbox One. I only got the PS4 in June and only started playing Destiny in September. I’ve got a LL392 Titan and a 370 Hunter (my original character).

Pulse rifles were buffed a couple of updates ago. The ones everybody are using now in PvP is the Hawksaw and the new Clever Dragon from Iron Banner.

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I accidentally recycled my clever dragon during the last iron banner and I’ve been out of town for a week now so I missed the current event. Sigh.

The Clever Dragon is the current boss of pulse rifles, but still has the same issue as hawksaw at close distances. I quite liked the 4 shot burst “Apple of discord” for close to mid encounters with the right perks.

Of course, on the right map, nothing is more fun than the double shotgun loadout of Universal Remote–that was how I wrapped up my Chaperone bounty.

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I had that and then I fat fingered recycled it rather than the gun next to it…

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Thumbstick locks items so you don’t accidentally delete them. You can re-purchase exotics once you have owned them, 150 marks for weapons and 125 for armor. You can find the stations in the hall on the front wall where Zavala is.