Destiny's Sparrow Racing League is back

Well, and an exotic shard. I’ve never accidentally recycled an exotic though.

All of this just enforces why I hate Destiny so much.


Twiddly bits for nerds?

Oh yeah, misread. Yeah you are SOL on that then. Ha ha. No biggie, it is a bit harder to use than Hawksaw but an interesting archetype.

Halo crossed with WoW, pretty much. If you hate one or the other, there you go.

I’ll just buy a Hacksaw when I get home this weekend and hope for a good drop or a good week with Xur. I play a lot of Archon’s Forge recently and am in a Buddhist Destiny clan (Namaslay) so I may be able to get a good raid in.

My preferred general primary:

I use this a lot in Archon’s Forge, Prison of Elders, etc.

Good choice. Basically the only elemental primary you can infuse up to 400.

Have that one on PS and really hurting without on xbox.

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I didn’t know the latter. I have mine infused at 392 or 394. I like the high RoF autorifles. The chain lightning makes a huge difference on low end mobs in Archon’s Forge or Prison of Elders, etc.

Okay, helpful hint. If you have one exotic shard, you can never again run out of them IF you have lots of glimmer and a few Motes of Light. Buy any exotic heavy with a shard and 2500 glimmer. See the gunsmith and get a heavy buff pack. Use 6-7 Motes to completely upgrade the heavy, then when you break it down you get TWO shards in return. Archon’s Forge is great for collecting engrams to break down and quickly turn into glimmer; same with low-level PoE. Just remember that the Postmaster will no longer pick up engrams for AF, so go in with most of your weapons vaulted so you have space, and break down blues while in the Forge if you don’t need them. Or have your teammates hang on while you vault legendaries or other items through the Bungie phone app. The “Dawning” now gives you the ability to auto-convert green engrams instantly to glimmer and armor parts as soon as you pick them up. Also, starting this weekend Xur will once again be selling exotic shards for Strange Coins.

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Did this just change? It was going to postmaster two weeks ago!

I use Ishtar Commander on my Android phone to move engrams around during AF.

Wait a second, where can you buy an exotic with a shard and glimmer? As far as I know, you can only purchase exotics with strange coins from Xur and that’s it.

I probably won’t get to see Xur this week. As I recall, he ends at Midnight on Saturday night, which is about when I return from Hawaii. :slight_smile: The horrors of a tropical vacation!

Did Xur quit selling for strange coins recently?

After you pay the 150/125 marks (or find the y2 version first) the cost of the exotics changes to glimmer and shard.

Worth noting as well with this method, exotics (even y2/3 versions of y1 items) take a lot less XP to upgrade. Every successive update items have taken more and more xp, but exotics with roots in y1 upgrade super fast.

This only applies to exotics you’ve found before, right (aka “have the blueprints of”)?

Is this method you speak of documented anywhere? I’m not sure I entirely follow it but we’re probably boring someone to tears if they haven’t already fled.

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You act like there was people in this thread to start with! Lol

Am sure it is on a reddit thread somewhere. Basic pattern:

Obtain exotic (y1 ideally)
Level it up (consuming motes of light does this now)
Shard it for 2 shards instead of one

Doesn’t require unlocking skills on the item either. Just like blues and purples you get extra stuff just for leveling the item up before sharding.

Yes, I am aware that if you level up an exotic, it turns into two shards whereas if you just take it apart immediately, it is one.

Other than having two shards instead of one and motes of light being effectively cheap, I’m not sure I follow what the advantage is here.

Yes, the Postmaster deal with AF changed recently. Too many people using AF for insane engram farming.

If you have previously owned any exotic, you can repurchase it at the exotic kiosk near the Vanguard leaders.

No, Xur has always accepted Strange Coins as currency, but he hasn’t sold exotic shards for a long time.

Xur disappears at 2am PST.

/me waves hand

Well, I guess I’ll have to get online when I get home at midnight pacific on Saturday night!

Until Xur starting selling shards again (this week) you could only get shards by breaking down exotics. The 2 for 1 method is a way of getting a shard for 2500 glimmer and a few Motes instead of breaking down valuable exotics.

As far as the method being documented, I’ve done it about a dozen times. It works. Heavy weapons are best, because they take the fewest Motes (6-7) as opposed to specials (13-14) or primary (20-21).

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I understand what you all are saying now:

  1. Because you couldn’t buy shards, you only got them from breaking down exotics
  2. If you broke down an enhanced exotic, you could get two shards instead of one.
  3. Heavy weapons were the easiest to fully enhance.

That reminds me, I should probably get my exotic Fusion Rifle back (a Plan C).

I am so close to agreeing with you I can almost taste it. I don’t play Destiny because staring down the business end of a grind game just makes me weary but I replay games a not-insigificant amount, mostly to spend time online with folks who aren’t physically around. As a result, whenever I start getting shirty about Destiny it occurs to me that I’d probably have a pretty good time with a game which incrementally changes what’s going on while providing an excuse to hang out in a gamespace.

It’s not enough to get me past the weary, but I’ve hung my free-time hat on flimsier hooks.