Destiny 2: Forsaken may be too confusing to bother re-engaging with

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Fundament? So the cosmic battle between good and evil began on a world with a name that’s synonymous with butt?

Writers, I know it seems like all the good names are taken, but seriously, c’mon.

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My roommate/tenant is just getting horribly addicted to D2 with this new update.

Me, I have only enough energy for one of these bullshit grind rodeos. I played D1 until fairly recently, grinding and grinding until I had every exotic. I’m missing one emote, and the only thing I can say I haven’t really done is make it to the Lighthouse.

Not to mention, it’s taken them until how to put back all the stuff into D2 that they had (finally) gotten right with D1.

My buddy gave me a lot of crap for all the time I put in on D1–he says he now takes it all back.


It’s straight up fundamental.

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I got 12 minutes in to the video before I gave up. It’s like some hack took TV tropes and threw it in a blender set for cliche with generic names and bland meandering plots. Halo got a little long in the tooth in later installments, but at least it told a coherent story with novel takes on old tropes. Destiny could cure insomnia.


Bungie’s approach to mystery in it’s storytelling has really fallen off.

Marathon: “Oh man this story is so complex I’d better find every terminal and maybe read fan theories online”
Halo: “There were other Spartans? Eh who cares pewpewpew
Destiny: “Cayde said a funny thing a really long way back but I don’t even remember it entirely because I turned the audio off after the 32nd time I did this strike”

Anyway the point in playing Destiny was never the plot but rather the extremely engrossing gunplay. The expansion delivers for the most part.


You got further than I did; I didn’t even hit “play”. But now you’ve piqued my interest…

I have yet to play Destiny 2, and only played a few hours worth of the first one.

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Play Warframe instead.

Over the past weekend, I looked at my D1 stats, just out of curiosity. I’ve put in over 107 days of game time in D1. That’s over 2500 hours.

My D2 game hours are nowhere near that amount, mostly because my original clan pretty much disbanded. I now just get on and chill, not really paying attention, grinding when I want, but with no clear objective. It’s a game I still enjoy, but, yeah, I get the discontent.

The update brought back the D1 grind. Let’s see how much longer I still get engaged.

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I haven’t had a console, or console-level PC since high school, and am way out of the loop with modern gaming, and often feel like I might be missing something culturally important. Then I went to read the wikipedia plot synopsis… “The Darkness” vs. “Light” (Led by “The Traveller”) after “The Golden Age” and then the “Collapse” …yikes. Maybe the game should have been called “Distilled”


…confusing, poorly told story telling.

Isn’t that synonymous with RPG? Use your imagination, you babies!

Oof. Talk about grind-fest. I enjoy Warframe, too, but the grinding gets to me sometimes.

If it makes you feel better, I have ~79 days of D1 playtime.

…Just on Xbox One.

(minimum 41 days on PS4)

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The thing that turned me off is that the game is basically nothing more than a nicely-made shooting gallery. Playing it made me long for Fallout 3/NV/4, which are shooting galleries that also contain really bitchin’ setting and character development, and in 4, fun base building/scavenging mechanics. So I stopped playing and replayed Fallout 4 :slight_smile:


I myself am newly hooked on the Borderlands series and am wondering whether Destiny would be a decent subsequent addiction…

Though Borderlands 2 co-op mode is what got me into it in the first place; my son wanted something we could get lost in as a split-screen fun fest. That it has in spades, for sure.


I am admittedly a HUGE Destiny fan and been playing Destiny since the D1 beta. Also admittedly, I get confused as hell to this day. Every update brings improvements and more confusion regarding the grind. For me though, it is worth it to find an answer via Google or Youtube. If you actually are down for a game that gives you rock solid mechanics for and FPS with the added loot hunt of an MMO then this is jam. Just please start with the vanilla D2 game and progress slowly but surely. The periods of confusion will be much more brief.

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I would try getting your hands on D2. You can find it really, really cheap right now. Play the entire campaign all the way through. I was in the same boat as you with Borderlands (still love it) and I really dig Destiny.

So, Marathon is quality storytelling? I can’t say I’ve ever played it myself, but from what little I know of it, it seems not at all surprising that the same people would produce something “too confusing”.

And don’t forget the elegant simplicity of a shifting cast of about a zillion different in game currencies.

That’s more plot to keep track of than some games possess in total; and unlike the plot-plot you can’t just ignore it and keep shooting.

Bungie did something I’ve never seen before, and never want to see again, video game PAPERWORK.

Seriously, in both D1 and D2 I’d have to spend about 30 min out of every 2 hours doing paperwork.