Destiny: Rise of Iron launches tomorrow


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Can’t talk. Fallout 4. Playing still.


Kick-ass trailer visuals, but if I hear one more “epic choir” soundtrack, I’m going to go medival on these sound designer’s VST plug-ins! Lazy unoriginal cookie-cutter crap.


Carmina Burana?


Huh, so it is. Okay…


It is a pretty abused composition, but I think they were purely using it to play up the humor of the gaudy as shit special Sparrow/speeder bike video.


I do feel like it would have been more apt to use one of the more satirical CB compositions than O Fortuna, but at this point I suppose it’s very use is automatic parody.


Yeah the opening is an automatic “This is gravely, seriously about to become a pun.”


yapp, heard way too orfften


Now see here, MO… I gotta know, have you been playing F4 all year, or are you still relatively newly into it? I ask because it was by far my most hotly anticipated game last year, and I’ve been pretty disappointed by it. Not so disappointed that I quit playing, since hope springs eternal, but… I dunno, I finished the Automatron DLC, but haven’t quite finished Far Harbor and haven’t even begun Nuka-World, and I haven’t yet bothered with any of the Workshops. I’m about 125 hours into the game, but not nearly as satisfied and eager-to-continue as I was in New Vegas or even Fallout 3.

As for Destiny, I’ll probably get Rise of Iron, but not right away. I’ll wait until the inevitable issues that plague pre-orderers get patched.


Destiny is the one game I play anymore. Bought the pre-order from Gamestop.

Turns out the bastards sold me a $30 gift card they called the pre-order. In order to get the pre-order rewards, you gotta redeem it before midnight and buy the expansion from the XBL/PSN store.

Really shady.


Preorder process via XBL was no dream either.


Looks a bit phallic.


meh … I bought Destiny when it was new - bought the marketing about innovative new leveling and equipment systems . Was playing like a mad man. Even liked the back story. Then the first expansion hit and made my hard earned stuff average and I realized it is nothing special, the usual MMORPG fare with little/repeating content and continuous grind.


Such sublime gunplay, though. The exotic weapons are my Pokemon.

That, and it was the first time in a loooong time that I got halfway decent at PVP. And the first time you could look at your performance data in great detail.


Salsa cookies!
Windmill cookies!
They gave you gonorrhoea!
This octopus!
Let’s give him boots!
Send him to North Korea!


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