Details around the income of Chief Justice Roberts’ wife raise more ethical red flags at the Supreme Court

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Kinda think SCOTUS justices should get a large lump-sum payment up front, a very comfy annual salary, and a complete ban on individual stock trading and their immediate family working for any business or industry where they’d even remotely come in contact with the court’s business.


Or just stick with the salary they get now and prosecute any instance of them succumbing to the temptations of influence peddling. :person_shrugging:


Oh well, okay then.



Here ya go:

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No further protection needed for henhouse, say foxes.


Here is the full article:


this case is interesting because even if the roberts and her husband never talk about cases and clients over the dinner table - or even talk at all - she’s obviously profiting off the assumption that they do.

ive got no idea if that’s illegal, but it’s certainly wrong.

since judges often recuse themselves over the appearance of conflict. i’m sure - now that her husband knows what kind of job she has, and what her client expectations are - he’ll take all the appropriate steps

i also have a bridge to sell if there are any takers

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Ok but we’re investigating the liberal justices too, right? Right? Not because I want there to be something wrong but if people paint it as a partisan issue and there is liberal profligacy…actually if that leads to us tearing the whole thing down I might be ok with that.


Why? I’m sure by the time they are nominated for such a position, they have a decades long career behind them with plenty of wealth built up. Why do they need a “lump sum” if they’re going to get a generous salary?

And everyone in government should be barred from stock trading, as well as their family.


I would normally mock you for trying to both sides this but…


Yeah not trying to both sides it, but this wouldn’t be the first time that democrats tried to wield corruption of some kind as a cudgel only to find out that they’re just as guilty of the same fecklessness.


Is opposing corruption as bad as condoning it?

Difficult question, I guess.


No, but I don’t think that turning a blind eye until a liberal justice is found to have done the same thing and to have to listen to republicans bash democrats for hypocrisy over and over again is a great thing either. Somehow, I don’t think they’ll be persuaded or feel humbled by a debate over who is condoning corruption…

The GOP is just making up corruption the Democrats are supposedly guilty of at this point and will claim corruption where none exists. The Democrats are also far more more likely to hold their own accountable generally speaking as opposed to the GOP, who can be counted on to defend their own, even when they rape children.


The horse race is always more important than the actual issues involved. All righty then.


No, I don’t think that is the case. But I do think that Democrats are very good at shooting themselves in the foot by giving up ground to Republicans in cases like this. Perhaps it’s good to win both the battle and the war. I do believe as @Mindysan33 states above that Democrats are better at policing when these types of issues come up, as well as the fecklessness of Republicans and the fact that there isn’t much that will stymie claims of corruption. But at the same time, I would like to hope that Democrats can be self-critical and make sure their bases are covered here, thinking somewhat pragmatically about it.

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I’m not sure feckless is the correct word to describe the ability of Republicans to engage in corruption. They’re quite skilled in that area.


what pragmatic approach would you suggest?

the problem as i see it is when people make equivalence between things that aren’t. like for instance, we’ve learned that pretty much every vice president has accidentally wound up with some small number of classified documents. but then we have ■■■■■ who knowingly took boxes and boxes of documents , then hid them.

so is it possible that some left leaning justice forgot to disclose something? totally.

that doesn’t change the actions of conservative side of the court who are actively working to undermine our rights as human beings and citizens… and who are getting paid millions - apparently - to do so