Detroit Rep. Bettie Cook Scott on Asian opponent: 'Don't vote for the ching-chong!'

Reminder that Primary season matters too…


What the actual fuck?

I hate mindless bigotry, but I hate it even worse when People of Color do it to other so called ‘minorities.’


Speaking as someone who almost always votes Democrat:

This candidate's bigotry makes her unfit for office.

See how easy that was, Republicans?


“I deeply regret the comments I made that have proven hurtful to so many,” Scott said in a statement through her representative, Bill Noakes. “Those are words I never should have said.”

No. No, she did not. Stop calling it that.


I hope that supposed apology doesn’t move the needle even a bee’s dick.

Yeah. Being oppressed in one way doesn’t often translate to seeing any better than others do how others are oppressed in other ways. And so the dividing and conquering is all that much easier for our “superiors.”


Replied to wrong post

Hence some of my concern that identity politics is somewhat fraught, as opposed to, you know, humanism.  

Dude, ffs


‘Divide and conquer’ has ever been the name of the trap; and many of us have fallen right into it. Sadly, many of us like to believe we’re on ‘the right side of the fight’ while feeding into that aforementioned trap.

And while racism and sexism are handy tools for classicism, that doesn’t mean that those particular battles somehow don’t need to be fought against just as vehemently, simultaneously.


Too true. And no matter how often such self-evident truths are started, some folks just can’t seem to hear them.


Self-confirming bias; all too often, we only believe what we want to believe.

Hell, personally I’d love to believe the last 20-ish months have all just been one long-ass, deeply detailed nightmare…


I’m well aware there are a bunch of fedora-wearing atheist fundies trying to brand humanism as a means to sweep all the other isms under the carpet, but I’m quite sad to see they’ve been successful as far as many around here are concerned.

I’m pretty unsure just what you’re now trying to say, but that could be because i pay no attention to “fedora-wearing atheist fundies.”

Anyway, we’ve had it out on this (ironically?) divisive pet topic of yours before, no need to warm up those leftovers again.


I would like to politely request we stick to the original topic. As @milliefink notes, the other discussion has been had many times. Thank you.


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