Deutsche Bank has tax returns, won't publicly say if they're Trump's

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It would be odd for DB to have the full tax returns – investment banks usually don’t act as accountants (though here’s hoping!). Maybe they’re tax forms related to loans by and/or holdings in that specific bank, but I’m not sure what that’s going to show other than what we already know: that DB was so deeply dysfunctional that it was one of two major Western banks (the other being the trainwreck Wells Fargo) still willing to do business with this grifter after 2001.


It’s no exaggeration to say Trump wouldn’t be President today if he hadn’t had received so much desperately needed financial support from Deutsche Bank. They’re as responsible for this clusterfuck of an Administration as the Kremlin.


I know @xeni has been using this phrase for a while now, but I just wanted to publicly like it.


Happy she spells it out because the acronym is atrocious…


Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.


Its possible they required more detail about his finances than usual given the risks associated with lending to him. I mean if only two banks were even willing to deal with the guy its not like those banks were just gonna hand him millions off a routine credit check.

So who knows.


Great line from one of the Second Circuit judges last week:

Prober [DB’s attorney] and Capital One’s attorney, James Murphy, both said “contractual obligations" prevented the banks from answering the judges’ questions.

As the judges appeared to grow frustrated by the attorneys’ resistance, Judge Peter Hall added: “Should we go to court and seek an order? I’m serious. We need to know.”

To tell a court that a contract keeps you from answering the court’s question…bush league bullshit.


It’s also such a prime example of right wing thinking. Publicising your tax returns for the greater public good is anathema. But the moment a huge capitalist enterprise wants the returns as part of a process that exists primarily to enrich that enterprise, Trump and his sons are happy to bend over like prison bitches.

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all we’re missing is the disclaimer at the bottom of every tweet and press release.

brought to you by deutsche bank. we’re proud to launder your money for you.

though to be fair that is a bit the lucky strike “it’s toasted” of the banking world.



How about “voteless, illegitimate, petty, loser, manifestly unfit president”, or VIPLUMP for short?


Getting close. You’d have to reverse the “U” and “M”, though. Maybe drop the “manifestly” (too many syllables for Trump).

Can we work in “short-fingered” as well? VISPLUP?


I’m suddenly worried that between ourselves, we’ve put more effort into coming up with an insulting acronym to mock Trump with, than Trump has put into any of his “policy ideas”.


That would fit with this story, posted by @KathyPartdeux in another topic.

As one of the conditions, The Orange Skull might have had to show DB tax documents certifying that these Russian oligarchs had “trusted” him enough to “loan” him actual money themselves. I’ll take anything that demonstrates he was deep in hock to Putin’s pet billionaires, as we’ve suspected all along.


I’ve just heard on the radio (WDR) that Deutsche Bank has confirmed that they have Trump’s tax returns (or parts of them), but won’t let anyone have a look. I’ll try to find a link to something.


I have never understood it but that’s exactly what they seem to do.

I wrote off to a fund that I had red had got into trouble with a large investment in Cold Fusion. I had a proposal for how you might do pulsed fusion, and I suggested if they had this fund, and the fund was in trouble because this cold fusion project is the third scam that relied on a magical ‘catalyst’ by the same guy, and if they wanted to put a small amount of that into something that might work, then this could restore a bit of confidence. I got a reply back the same day (a bank holiday in the UK) thanking me for my correspondence, but they regretted they could not get involved in any venture that had not been forwarded by their accredited financial consultants.

I was tempted to write back “Great! And you got here by doing what? Trusting an accountant to say what physics is good? Serves you right”. But I think these people are truly incapable of self-doubt.


Ohhh, boy, Trump better hope his base doesn’t find out that he pays almost no taxes and Russians co-signed a bunch of loans for him and he’s up to his ears in debt to Russian interests, because they wouldn’t care at all and he wouldn’t lose a single vote over it.

BUT, don’t worry–if the Democrats in Congress get ahold of this kind of irrefutable proof of the President’s conflicts of interest and lies to the public, they’ll do nothing with it and Nancy will make sure that anyone who attempts anything more than a mild finger-wagging is punished for it.


They seem to be ‘saying’ now, for some reason:

Fuck, I’m so tired of this…


Well, it’s a bit like “heffalump” for Donnie the Poo


Regarding the illegitimate, popular-vote-losing, manifestly unfit president: This one bears repeating in full form, every. single. time.


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