Devastating technical rebuttal to the Snoopers Charter


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Technical rebuttal? That’s adorable.


Anything else would be fanciful!


Will they take any of this onboard? Will they fuck. They have a narrative (…because terr’ists) and that’s the end of that. Need to pester our MPs as well and have more head-against-wall arguments with colleagues - “i’m not doing anything wrong, i have nothing to hide” - ugh…


Yeah, it’s not like having it pointed out that this and the new drugs law were total and complete nonsense has given them the slightest bit of pause in going forward with them. Reality doesn’t seem to be important to the situation.


The only thing to do now is start planning who to blame when everything goes south. I’m thinking terrorists, or maybe junkies.


The ISPs, obviously. Why can’t they just do as they’re told? Don’t give me a lot of technical jargon, it’s really very simple, just keep a track of what people are doing. Is that so hard to understand?

As a software developer type guy, “just” is my trigger word. It makes my left eye twitch until I have to have a glass of warm milk and a lie down. In a technical discussion when somebody says “just” you’re going to spend the next half hour explaining, as politely as possible, why the remainder of the sentence is total gibberish. Rockets are expensive, can’t we just build a ladder to the moon?

Come to think of it, the worst offender at my last job did a stint working in the UK government…


I thought the scapegoat du jour was ‘refugees’ (or, as we’re quaintly calling them now ‘immigrants’ )


This is a Tory government so the scapegoat is “anyone with less money than us”. Saying that they hate immigrants is just plain wrong, anyone who can afford to buy an investor’s visa is A-OK!

(Tellingly, it’s actually named a “Tier 1 (Investor) Visa”. Don’t have £2M? You’re not ‘Tier 1’ then are you, scum.)
No mention of how much you have to pay them in order not to be spied upon though.


Knowing the Tories, it will be financially insecure single mothers. If they happen to be immigrants and minorities, all the better.


I like your explanation, but can you just make it a little more common man slash user friendly? (Didya like that I spelled slash? :D)


That would be a weird one but… Rule 34 I guess. :ghost:


From the news reports from Paris seems like it might be terrorist junkies or junky terrorists.Junkies are terrorists and terrorists are junkies. We need watching.


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