DHS issues security order after DNS hijack attacks from Iran, 6 agency domains already affected

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/01/22/dhs-dns.html


How is that shutdown working for ya DHS?


Certs expiring, government shutdown, nobody home, something, something… trump bombs Iran…




You know it’s probably just some Iranians trying to get through to Apple support.


Wait: before we rush to judgement, have we yet ruled out the 400 pound guy sitting on a bed in New Jersey?!


Omgosh, what if this isn’t the real BoingBoing!


Something to keep in mind when reading DHS press releases about Iran:


I’ll tell you what happens, comrade: we all start to see the light on the best president ever! I for one wish he would come to my hometown so that I could bask in his glory.

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He actually came and gave a speech at a factory right across the street from my office, and I didn’t know, so I couldn’t go and… um… cheer.

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Comrade, you’re slacking! I would have made it in. If only I had the budget for international flights I didn’t work so hard.

So like…why would you link to the site?

I mean, if that were one of the hijacked sites, then you just sent a bunch of people there.

Please never treat adversaries as stupid. Nation states bickering is EXACTLY the time to be paranoid. A nation state is completely capable of outing itself for bad acts in order to achieve a goal.

Would you also link to a .gov domain that claims that the link you posted was compromised? Just…remove the HTML brackets? If someone wants to go there they will copy and paste. No need for you personally to be credulous.

P.s. I’m certain without evidence that the link is perfectly safe. Few nation states have the capability of commiting true havok this way, and I don’t think Iran is among them.

Even fewer states are dumb enough to create serious havok in the usa through this tactic, and I definitely don’t count Iran among them…

But still! Being paranoid in this thing is OK!

Also, there is the arrest of PressTV news anchor Marzieh Hashemi by the FBI as she was visiting her relatives in the US.


No, no, all hackers are linked to Russia, China, NK or Iran. Except maybe Stuxnet, we have no idea who dun that.


So, who on earth could possibly have foreseen that the international enemies of the US would act during a time when the government has tied one hand behind it’s own back. This one became public, but I will lay odds there are others, friend and foe, taking advantage of this clusterfuck to engage in covert actions. As we would given the opportunity. This is a completely self inflicted, and ongoing, wound. And we are idiots for electing the asshole in chief who enables it. (“We” as in our country. Not so much our particular community, one would suspect.)


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