DHS official says he was told to stop providing intel on Russian attacks as it 'made President [Trump] look bad'

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Even Trump makes Trump look bad.


It’s important to see this in context, I think.

Imagine you have a mafia boss. He forges a cooperative relationship with a rival mafia boss. Now, sure, it might not be in his interest for his underlings to know about this. What if, however, people keep trying to bring him proof that the rival boss is infiltrating and undermining his organization, and he refuses to hear it?

That is what is so disturbing to me. We all know Putin has his hand up Trump’s ass. What boggles the mind is Trump himself doesn’t want to know what Putin is up to. That goes beyond cooperative effort and shows that Putin has Trump so tied down that he can do whatever he wants and Trump isn’t allowed to intervene. Why else would he so desperately want to avoid knowing anything that is going on?

Someone that deep in Putin’s pocket had better hire a Diet Coke taster after they leave office.


That’s not true at all. In the eyes of his supporters, NOTHING could make Trump look bad. He’s kind of like Jesus in that respect (and only that respect).

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The scenario’s a bit different tho…

In yours, there are 2 mob bosses forging a cooperative relationship.

In our case, it’s one mob boss who has instilled an underling to pretend to be another mob boss. Of course the underling doesn’t want to know what shenanigans his boss is up to. It’s explicitly part of the deal that he not question his boss’ actions.


Could they impeach pence as well?

Yeah, but Trump THINKS he is Putin’s equal. There’s no limit to the man’s delusions.


I think you are miss-reading it. Trump knows exactly what Putin is up to. Always has. Putin himself tells him ahead of time so that the fossil turducken can assist, and plan for any the deflections and blocking of any investigations of it.

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That would be even more strange. Would you trust your plans with Trump? Monologuing to the hero of the movie is bad enough. Monologuing to Trump would be like directly posting it to Twitter.


I’m sure it’s Trump’s marching orders only, you’re right that Putin would not give Trump the equivalent of any sort of security clearance. Trump’s orders from Putin are likely disseminated in such a way that it affords Putin a fig leaf of deniability.
ETA: If Trump did ever ask why, the answer would be, “because I said so, and I have a tape of you watching someone peeing on your bed (or worse)”.


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