Dick Van Dyke, 90: Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for seniors


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Seems to be a right good dick, that Dick!


“Nice guy backs nice guy”.


I’ve always liked Dick Van Dyke!


Enough, Dick Van Dyke! Stop giving me more reasons to think you’re awesome!


There we go!

Come on, people vote for Bernie, Toot Sweet!


Celebrities endorsing politicians? Whats next?!?!?!


We might even end up with celebrities AS politicians. There be dragons.


Al Franken?


Lembit Öpik? He’s a politician who became a celebrity rather than the other way around.


Eeeeh, Glenda Jackson’s okay, more or less.


I did not know there was a movie called There Be Dragons. I was trying to make a humorous reference to the stereotype of old maps supposedly showing “here be dragons” on the edges when the mapmakers didn’t know what was there yet. Doesn’t mean there were actual dragons there. I was referencing the fact that those unexplored regions – celebrities becoming politicians – have now been charted.


Her son’s a bit of a dick, though.


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