Did God use Adam’s penis bone to make Eve? Scholars discuss.

By the same logic, I will declare that God used Adam’s antlers to make Eve. Or maybe, his tail.


Just fanbois. They’re nuts about it.


Nope, it was a rib, at least that what Archie says and he’s pretty smart.


One of my favorite bits of anatomical trivia is that in some animals, females have an os clitoris which also has the prettier name “baubellum”.

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In Middle Earth, evil cannot create, only twist what Eru made. Ungoliant ate the light of the Silmarils and worked with Morgoth who made orcs from elves and dragons from…who knows what. Plausibly she just used the power she stole to twist normal spiders into Shelob’s kind.


So she was “ribbed” for her pleasure?


‘Scholar’ doesn’t seem to be an appropriate term, re: repurposed fables. ‘Pedant’, maybe…

So, what, exactly, does archaeology have to do with speculative biology?

Oh, the AJoMG sounds respectable. Let’s see…
The paper is paywalled, but the access page seems to indicate the ‘paper’ is a Letter to the Editor of the AJoMG…
so, a 6 year old article on a site you apparently have to join in order to read said article… an article that seems to be based on a 20 year old letter to the editor of a respectable journal.

Sounds legit.

Now, here’s a question for this ‘scholar’… If man was made in the image of god, then why would this god even need sex organs?


That there is the question. Also, why, exactly, do so many Christians insist that God is male? What aspect of an unknowable, incorporeal being would make God a dude? Chest hair? Testicles? Cat calling people? It’s a compete category error to call an incorporeal being male.


I want to know about Adam’s nipples… Why…?!?

And 29 posts deep, and nobody’s made an “Adam giving Eve the bone” joke?


Edited away because I was commenting on a version of the boing that was later edited…

And future scholars will doubtless fret over whether or not “the penis mightier than the sword” is a mis-transcription of englandish.

What with scholars gonna schol and the penis being so scholworthy’n’all.


Well, to answer that, you first need to consider what “the image of god” actually means. Theologians love arguing about this stuff.

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Have they decided how many angels can dance on the end of it?


Evil : God isn’t interested in technology. He cares nothing for the microchip or the silicon revolution. Look how he spends his time, forty-three species of parrots! Nipples for men!

Robert : Slugs.

Evil : Slugs! HE created slugs! They can’t hear. They can’t speak. They can’t operate machinery. Are we not in the hands of a lunatic?


I’ve always said that if “intelligent design” is a thing, you should truly fear any god that came up with some of the shit that exists…


Or for the more conspiracy minded, whether the ultra secret Pen 15 group is mightier than the sword!


You know… sort of a bit off topic, but I wonder how many MRAs use this kind of factoid to justify rape… Or for that matter, even biblical myths like this debate over Adam’s penis bone… How annoying/infuriating/upsetting is that!?!


Sci-hub has both papers…

Professional Medical Journals sometimes are more accepting of “whimsical” papers.

I can’t imagine that anybody would try the “Well, there are several species of bug that do this” as a defense.

(My counter would be “well, praying mantises, and several species of spiders…”)

But sadly, in this world I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was tried (and/or worked depending on whether the a-hole in question was a rich white boy with a “promising future”).