Did Toyota just not care that her eyebrow was falling off?


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Nothing goes viral like lowbrow humor.


Aww, booo! /me throws popcorn


Maybe it was a caterpillar all along?


I think that’s a lock of her hair, and the rest of the eyebrow is up under her hair.

False eyelashes are a thing, but false eyebrows (aside from painted ones, which remain in place)?




It is pretty obviously her hair. If you play it at .25x you can see her eyebrow pop out from behind her bang a couple of times.


Are you kidding about the people sharing it online being idiots? Are you making a joke about human nature being idiotic in general? Are you an idiot?

There was no emoticons so I am confused.


C. G.

…wait for it…

Eye. :roll_eyes:


I may need to watch this in my other

…wait for it…



She’s just doing that one thing Spock always used to do but incompetently.


That song is so impossibly cornball, only a mutant eyebrow can save it. Is this what’s on teevee these days?


I tried to watch it but the page reloaded.


Fox: Are Liberals at war with the seasonal tradition of Toyotathon?


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