Did you ever want to play questions?


IKR is that even a real question.


GRRM, why you gotta mess with me like this?


Why did everyone else in Seattle decide to go to the mountain today too? Wasn’t three hours in the car to do nothing so much fun?


You got to contemplate your contribution to global warming, no?


Should I try again tomorrow?


Is her first name Ann, for her?




You haven’t watched Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu being awesome? Perhaps you should? :wink:


:cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake:; is there no pie?!?

Where's my cake?

(other than :pizza: pizza pie and :pineapple: pie-napple??)


wait a minute–will I get a Reverse Donald for putting a question inside parentheses?


Que es mas macho :pineapple: or :knife:?


Would this be considered a reverse Donald?

Or maybe an alternate reality Donald?


Wasn’t I half-expecting someone to flip a photo of beloved Donald upside-down? Haven’t you far exceeded my expectations, hopes, and dreams?


Are the Bundys at it again?


Is this any way to start out the new year?


And in world news – what is it with Iranians and embassies, anyway?


Isn’t Ted moving up in the family rankings?


Aren’t they upset at our friends the Saudi’s for beheading a (Shia?) priest?


Them boys jes’ don’ like embassies - that’s nacherel, innit?