Did you ever want to play questions?



You know you’ll need to shoop his head onto that Gary Hart photo now, don’t you?


Monkey Bus-Ted?
Doesn’t “LUS-TED” seem like it’d work too?
Am I sad that I’m at work and can’t shoop more as I have to be doing productive activities for a while, or pleased that I have interesting work things to do at work again?


2018 a disgraced former Senator Ted Cruz, a ruined man, bitter, angry, hostile to the world, steps in the time machine to go back just a bit to murder the head of the Enquirer, but alas, sets the date incorrectly to 1968, is so enraged by the hippies and world in general that he takes on his new identity as the Zodiac Killer, which all makes sense, doesn’t it?


Oh, but dear OtherMichael; what ever makes you think that it’s the key board which is so special, rather than my fabulous ass itself?


Did you know about THIS thread?


Would you hold it against me, if I said that I did not know?


Michael, if I said you had a nice butt, would you hold it against me?


While I do like a bit of wine, do you really think I’d cellar that much of it?

(And at my top price of $7 a bottle, unlikelier?)


Can we at least agree that #cubanmistresscrisis is a hashtag of greatness?





Walked? Perhaps not but would a discrete crawling help?


Isn’t it more fun to sprint into a room, grab a stranger by the shoulders and shout, “It’s no longer safe for us here! We’ve got to get out!!” in a Schwarzenegger accent?


Wait, you don’t just grab the fire extinguisher near the entrance and sprint through spraying it everywhere while shouting:




Perhaps saunter into a room dressed all in black PVC, and in your finest German accent announce, “I am hear to get this party started!”?


Is it now the time when we dance?



Coming from you, isn’t that slightly confusing?


Coming from me, what isn’t confusing?


Would you believe I don’t remember you ever confusing me?