Did you ever want to play questions?


You would let me decide? Should such generosity be unrewarded? No; would you tell me how you learned to tolerate iTunes? :blush:


Well, doesn’t that paint my question in a different light than what I intended?


Anyone else watch the show Bosch and absolutely love their visual and musical style?


Doesn’t everybody type is Donald Trump just a bunch of hedgehogs in a suit into their browser search once a day?


Who would want to block anything but pictures of roosters? Aren’t they the worst?


Wouldn’t you block anything with a wattle?


Would you believe this was in the image search for that phrase?


Isn’t it worth the time to properly configure a cock-blocker?


You have a problem with cocks?


Do you think the pun did not dawn on the rest of us? Do you feel you have to crow about it?


Are all my chickens coming home to roost? Er, so to speak?


Why, did you leave the coop open?


Did someone say chickens?


Did I remember to wish y’all a

#Happy Easter?


fuzzy bunny day already? does the candy go on massive discount today or tomorrow?


Right back at ya, eh?


#How many marks could a @markdow down if a mark dow could down marks?


Hey guys…so, what did I miss? :wink: :slight_smile:



Have you seen what my little girl made for me?

Here’s a link to the non-imbedded image at Instagram