Did you ever want to play questions?


What was it?


(Did the doctor really just tell me I’ve lost 22 lbs?! (1.3 stone I think, for the Brits?))


14 pounds in a stone, surely?


L’Autre Michel, dans la Nouvelle Chair, non?


Are we all not birds of a feather?


Peut-être certains d’entre nous sont “une marionnette de chaussettes”, pense que le système [1]?


And didn’t you lose 118000 pounds already?

Should I delete this? Is it insensitive?


Are his parents reading this thread?


Nope? Did I mention the 2M I lost in deferred? (Unexercised options? Really?)

(Life isn’t about money, right? And didn’t I just schedule (45 min ago) four sessions with a therapist?)


(I thought it was 18? Damn non metric system… ??)


Did he ever call you back?


HAHAHA, did my new therapist actually just say I should key my old friends Ferrari?!

Oh god, am i compiling stories for a book?


Circle is over if you want it?


Is it a old Ferrari, or a Ferrari belonging to an old friend-who-never-calls-me-back-because-I-am-the-unresponsive-one?

If the former, DON’T DO IT; if the latter, HELLS YEAH?


What about iOS? :crying_cat_face:


Surely anonymously slandering him on an internet forum filled with people you don’t know IRL is just as cathartic, and less problematic legal-wise?




Will your post be admissable in court?


Just to be safe, shouldn’t he

#change his avatar


to sow maximum confusion?


Did you know that I use my iPad as my internet machine?
Will I have to resign myself to the annoying roundness of it all?