Did you ever want to play questions?


Oh, I know full well where the blasted thing came from, but the question is why does it have to be this way?


Could you please not say that anywhere within earshot, especially a month before her birthday?


Did you know that I hold you in such high esteem I ASSUMED you had created it yourself?


Can I teach this to my kid? And my cat? ETA: Why wouldn’t it be Matt Groening?


But you know I couldn’t take credit for the excellent pre-Simpsons work of Mr. Groening, right?

@Mindysan33: You could teach it to your whole household, yeah? Did you know it can be found in The Big Book of Hell?

[And maybe I accidentipurposely taght this to my son?]


Did you know that I’ve done a couple of dispatches from beyond the grave?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you painted it to resemble your basic garden-variety Portal to Hell, complete with faint bloodstains of the Damned who were almost allowed to believe they were on the verge of escape?

Didn’t I keep it on my desk at work for several years until I moved offices a couple months ago? Do you know, I took it home to keep it safe with my wife’s other copy, lest it get lost in the move?

Ain’t it great? Don’t I wish I could write like that?

Did you read his irate letters to the phone company from that very book, which I posted a couple months ago?

Did you know that Jay roach’s upcoming Trumbo movie actually turned out pretty well?


@daneel @Donald_Petersen

doesn’t that deserve an ‘Oh my!’?

How did I miss the original thread!?

Aren’t these the most fantastic withering barbs I’ve read in a loong while?


Jay Roach?

Austin Powers Jay Roach?

Googles - he’s married to Susanna Hoffs?


Did you know that role was almost played by Bob Hoskins, though?


Didn’t I just love me some Bob?

But could he really have brought such naturalness to the role?

Doesn’t DeNiro sometimes feel like he’s injecting himself into some roles, in order to power them up? With Capone, am I wrong in imagining that the role is doing the same to him?


Wouldn’t it be more Game Change Jay Roach?


So how many of youse, y’all, you all, you lot, are finding themselves unnecessarily formulating your everyday, not-in-this-thread speech acts as questions?


For a bit, didn’t it get real hard to answer other BBS threads with direct statements?

Am I over it yet?

Not sure?


Does anything ever really end?


Cranston as Trumbo?

‘Wow!’ Isn’t that what I would exclaim?



Are you playing the “guess where this is?” game?


I thought he was showing off the results of his last BBQ, and why he’s building a firepit and not using Propane this time around?


I don’t have many issues, only on the BBS in general, ya’ dig?


Is that your next fixit project?