Did you ever want to play questions?

Ugh, what do you call it when baking where the effort to attain a result us objectively successfully, but so time consuming and marginal it makes little difference?

…is that called more experiments?

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Attack link alert, why would I click on such a thing?

Well now that I am not at work, well um yeah, actually kind of boring compared the ado here ins’t it?

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Didn’t my mom move us to the Best Coast in order to be away from our nutbar relations, so if Facebook’s purpose is to bring them closer, wouldn’t that destroy my mother’s efforts?


What, no questions overnight?

Isn’t everybody poring over their maps?

Why do I have to run a birthday gift and sleeping bag over to someone else’s house in the midst of finishing all the preparations for a slumber birthday party myself?

You’re having a slumber party? What time do we need to show up? Should I bring chips or drinks?


Since it’s me and 12 17-year-old females, don’t you think single malt is in order?


Or maybe Everclear?

Isn’t 17 the age for wine coolers, Zima, and those pre-mixed “Club” drinks?

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Aren’t these kids so much more sophisticated than that?

Did you know that in Illinois it is legal for an adult to serve alcohol to a minor? And apparently it doesn’t have to be an actual family member, nor do you have to get the parent(s)’ permission? Who the hell came up with that law?

Oooooh, is that for babby Anthanoodle, who turned 1 year old at 7:49 this morning?

(The photo and party were actually last Saturday, but late-comers are welcome!)

(I know you’re talking about something else, I’m just looking for any babby-bragging excuse!)


Aw, did the babby have a good bday party?

Do people always look away when you’re taking pictures? :wink:


Does cutsie-wootsie widdle-biddy Anthanoodle want an Urban Decay makeup gift set?

Do children’s gift choices change drastically over the years? In 10-15 years, do you think he’ll want it then?

Why is only your daughter dressed to the nines? Did she have someplace better to go that day? :wink:


A bunch of drunks?


Don’t most people look straight at the camera, and isn’t it hard to get a photo that isn’t like that?

(I like how they are all looking in different directions; the rest of the composition is crap, but I like that aspect of it.)

I thought I might get Monkey to dress better, but did that happen?

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Do you mind that I have no idea which of the other three people in the photo is “Monkey”, nor do I care?

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