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on a more serious note, does anyone here have any idea on the extent to which excess weight interferes with the action of pain medication? would you believe that i’ve lost 85 pounds over the last 5 years but still weigh 320 or so?


Good going! (I’ll take a Donald for that.)

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I remember my doctor telling me that I could take more opioid based painkillers if needed, being a ‘big guy’ I might need them. I think a lot of the efficacy depends on height-to-weight and metabolism. I’m very difficult to prescribe for, I usually end up needing more than initially thought… looked up this article which goes into some detail about weight vs dosage for opioids:


The results showed pain relief in 99% of patients with a mean dose of morphine of 10.4 ± 6.2 mg; that is, 0.15 ± 0.09 mg/kg given in 3 boluses.

That’s for straight-up Morphine though, probably asking your Doc is the best idea, unless that call is going to cost you a thousand bucks or something equally insane.

Good going with your continued weight loss, the stuff that comes off slowly tends to stay off, in my experience. :smile:


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Ask and shall not ye receive?


Anybody have experience with Dish’s Sling?

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I went from 270 to 225, and wasn’t I surprised how positively it affected my blood pressure, mood, and general anxiety?

Since I already gave you a programmatic Like, can I give you ten more psychic ones?


Are all the dads having a happy father’s day?

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Not quite yet, but aren’t I plying all my dad friends with pizza, beer, tater salad, pickles, home made ice cream, sausage, wings, grilled veggies and the company of several canines? Oh, did I forget to mention FIRE and VINTAGE ENGINES!?

(As the musk of testosterone fills the air, all the small creature in the land–the squirrels, possums, woodpeckers, snakes, voles, and felines–wait in silent baited breath. The void is only broken by the occasional reverant, “Ooooh’Yup”, or the long, slow, flapping flatulence radiating from around the sacred fire pit.)


Wasn’t it good to talk to my dad, although difficult to hear about how he’s coping with his recent stroke?

And didn’t I get a nice card ‘from’ Jr, and aren’t we going out for a nice lunch shortly?


Isn’t all that totally awesome?

Who wants to help me peel taters?


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Is it bad that the movers were shocked by how many boxes we had?
Has my spouse not informed me that I really need to pare down my belongings (most of which seem to be art/craft-related items)?
Do I not totally agree, but I’m just finding it difficult to part with stuff that I might need one day?
Am I some kind of packrat?

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Isn’t a good rule of thumb “if you haven’t used it in 30 years get rid of it”?


Aren’t you supposed to chuck stuff randomly into boxes marked only with the date when you move, then throw them out if you haven’t opened them in a year?

Is the US Open Golf going to let the cat out of the bag about how nice Puget Sound summers actually are?


Can I just send you good potato peeling vibes? Does that help?


Live blog of the second firing?

(Fire on top has been built yet)

When you said “second firing” why was I surprised to see what it actually involved?