Did you ever want to play questions?

Have you not seen the ads for the Poconos Lodge?

Didn’t it take a series to find its feet (much like Blackadder)? Aren’t Series 2-4 great and 5-6 very good? Isn’t series 7 poor, 8 dire, 9 mediocre, and 10 a reasonable return to form?

Aren’t the first two books (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, Better than Life) in a similar vein to H2G2, and very good, while the latter two lose the plot a little after the two writers went separate ways?

Also, didn’t you see the Altered Images video I posted on your birthday thread? Isn’t it worth watching the early series purely for occasional Clare Grogan?


I have found it is a great, or at least reasonable nudge to gorge on curry and vindaloo?


Doesn’t it seem like the BBS is especially full of penis references today?


I used to live next to the Poconos, right? But they don’t advertise around here, and/or I don’t watch those channels, yeah?



Isn’t that as it should be?

Does anyone one else that regularly trips over a piece of grit or a half mm rise in a floor find that absolutely terrifying?

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A bath with a 12 foot fall on one side? Strong implication of alcohol consumption? What could go wrong?


Does this angle scare you more?

How did I know you’d chime in with your dongs?

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Speaking of dongs, is there a shot of the tub from below?

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How the fahk did they get IN there? Hidden ladder? Trapeze? Trap door in the ceiling?

If you go back to the first photo, can you see the start of the stairs on the right, and the doorway on the left at the top of the tub?


Get me the HELL out of that! (Preferably with a pulley system and safety equipment?)

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Are you freaking out because you just ran a blacklight over the carpet and bedspread?


Tacky but it does not come close to the wonder that is the Madonna Inn
Can it outdo the caveman room?

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Hmmmmm… perhaps all the damn mirrors fooled my old bifocal-wearin’ eyes? Still, am I the only one who wonders at the stability of that crazy tub?

The TV set just makes it, ne?

Did you know the Madonna Inn has a restaurant that serves expensive food that’s not really worth the price?