Did you ever want to play questions?

Isn’t axular a perfectly cromulent word?


I live in New York, aren’t the church-going folk the outsiders here? :smile:


New York, New Jersey?

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Paris, Texas?

Isn’t it all the same?

It’s all south or west of Connecticut, so who cares?

(actually, there is that bit to the east)

What’s Connecticut?

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Is a Slow, hearty, slightly evil clap approps?

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Isn’t that one of those places that’s east of the Rockies?

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There’s an east of the Rockies?

There be dragons?


Isn’t that exactly what people in Maine say?

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I thought they say “Yuh caynt get theyuh fram heah”, no?


The people in Maine are that taken with Connecticut?

(it’s probably because we aren’t Quebec)

Yes, so why head east when there’s so much good stuff out here?

We have water (that falls from the sky!) ?


Whaaaaaat? May we have some?

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Anyone else have a pile of comics from Free COmic Book Day they’re working through tonight before they clean the house because a babysitter is coming in the morning?

No? Weird, right?

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I have a copy of Private Eye I need to read before it becomes irrelevant tomorrow, if that helps?

Do you promise to drink it instead of watering your lawn or fracking with it?


Where’d everybody go?

poker night?