Did you ever want to play questions?

Does it matter if it’s wise? Don’t we have a right to know?

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Dr. Pimento, the mad hours d’oeuvre maven of the airwaves?

Is that from Kintyre?

If we put Martin up for sale would we be selling Short?

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Would he be a hot commodity these days?

Is it suppertime?
I made too much soup - want some?

How about some beer bread (made with Anchor Bock) to mop up the last little bits of soup left in the bowl?


Have you seen the hooked ceramic soup spoons?

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Wwwwhhhhyyyyyy can I not right-click-save-as-3D-print this for dinner?!?!?!?!


Is it because you’re not from the future?

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Oooo, isn’t that a neat spoon? Where can I buy them?

right-click-save-as-3D-print this?


Can I assume from the Anchor Bock that you are in the bay area? Do you have a Mitsuwa marketplace or asian grocery nearby?

Did you know Anchor’s delicious beers are available for sale at many fine establishments in southern California, such as Trader Joe’s and Total Wine?


Perhaps you have a Ranch 99 market or the like around then?

Wouldn’t it be sweet if that was possible?

99 Ranch and Mitsuwa are a short trip - is that where the spoons reside?

Southern California?

You didn’t use any water in that soup, did you?


Would you be surprised if I said I have seen them at both?

Oh no, what was I thinking?

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That the soup is tasty?