Did you miss National 3D Day?

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Source: 3D Squelton, from Smiling Friends, “Frowning Friends”; season 1, episode 7, 2022 01 09, Adult Swim. Gif found at Tenor.com via Google.com

“Boo-hoo, I missed 3d Day.”

Oliver Sacks on Loosing Stereo Vision

Source: Youtube clip of Oliver Sacks speaking about his loss of stereoscopic perception. Losing Stereo Vision & Depth Perception - A Personal Account from Oliver Sacks, posted 2010 10 20 by the Oliver Sacks Foundation

Oliver Sacks lamented loosing his ability to see stereo graphic images when he lost vision in one eye. His book, The Minds Eye is about visual perception and is a wonderful read and a better listen- as are his other books. If I remember correctly, he was very into taking stereoscopic images, and was the head of the local stereoscopic photography society, and he found it ironic that he would be unable to see with any visual depth any more. For him, motion could not provide visual cues for depth and the very act of closing one eye visually jarring as he instantly became aware that he perceived the world as having no depth at all.


… “National” meaning as adopted by Congress?

or “National” as in “this is a bullshit fraud word” :confused:

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Perhaps its a typo. Notional?


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