Die Gstettensaga: a science fiction movie about the Google Wars

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I tried. I really tried. But I could not endure the music.

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Apparently everyone in the future are slightly brain damaged.

I really liked the soundtrack…

Me too. It also felt to me like the editing was in service of the music, not the other way around. It might have grabbed me had it not let scenes drag on and if the music was mixed down to be a little less intrusive.

Student film with a Wendy Carlos ripoff score? I wish I had the time, dollars, and freedom to smoke whatever is required to get through this.

The music is not the problem, it’s that they apparently haven’t learned how to cut. It’s okay if film students don’t have much to say, nobody expects that. But don’t torture the audience by dragging out unimaginative, petty-burgeois dialogue forever just because your buddies are in it. The main cast members are seriously out of their depth, the acting is both wooden and hysterical in a way that feels like German public television. This might make a decent short film if they cut it to 20 minutes or so. There’s a few nice shots and no-budget post-apocalyptical scenery in there.

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