Dig the Beastie Boys soundtrack for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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I’ll be looking for the inevitable fan-edit of this movie with the entire soundtrack replaced in this manner.


Isn’t that basically what J.J. Abrams did with the Star Trek franchise?


So you have seen Beyond then!

Honestly I think it was timed up pretty well with the action sequence in Star Trek.


Yeah Beyond incorporated it in alright ways, honestly.

That might be because it’s actually Justin Lin doing this one, not Abrams.


Maybe this belongs in the unpopular opinions thread, but:
I kinda like the new wave of Star Trek movies.
There. I said it.

Also: I embarked (a very long time ago) on a project to re-score all of Bladerunner. Maybe it’s time to get back to that (now that the sequel seems to be happening)?


True that. I guess since they lost the Enterprise again there just wasn’t anything to power all those lens flare generators…


How did they miss the opportunity to sync up “you’ll shut me down with a push of your button” with the Death Star warming up?


Star Wars, Star Trek… The Beastie Boys are Intergalactic Planetary after all…


I liked the first one (even if it was full of plotholes). Kind of annoyed by the second because it basically played out as a parody of Star Trek II. I actually haven’t seen the latest one yet.


Your unpopular opinions today seem to be syncing with mine.

The new Trek movies have been fun popcorn flicks. (Don’t uncloud the following if you plan on seeing Beyond) And really, Sabotage nicely tied the third movie back to the first, and there’s that homage to the TNG movies by crashing Enterprise.


I kind of cringed at this, but I did like the “classical music” joke. I wondered if it was a shout out to a running gag in the Honor Harrington books (which I love, even though they’re totally space opera/Harlequin romance fluff.)


Fucking sold!

Look, Sabotage is not only my favorite Beastie Boy song, it has to be up in my top 25 easy.

Also - this Kylo Ren reaction to the trailer is really fucking good:


That, and Space Seed

I’m annoyed because they didn’t choose someone who at least looked like they might be Punjabi for the role of Kahn


The 2nd one was a fucking mess script wise. Just utter shit. I wrote a whole rant on face book about it.


Oh, it really was. It was like Abrams had watched a reel of “Greatest Trek Ideas/Moments” and said, “Okay, let’s squeeze as many of those into one movie as possible.” The problem with doing it that way is that each of those great moments had years of build-up to them. Years of showing who Kirk was, who Spock was, what Starfleet was, and so on. Wrath of Khan and Section 31 were earned moments of build up, of cynicism about whether the Federation was really living up to its ideals. They only worked because they’d shown the people who were (mostly) living up to those ideals.

Abrams started with a fairly vanilla action movie that didn’t show much about the ideals of the Federation, and you know, fair enough that a reboot should focus more on the characters it’s introducing before fleshing out the backdrop. However, when the second movie came around, they were showing the dark, cynical side of the Federation without having really established the idealistic side first. So the mood was one of cynicism, not of the struggle against cynicism that especially DS9 and the Section 31 arc were.

Cynical Star Trek can work (and has given us some of the best episodes), but Abrams didn’t take the time to establish what he needed to make it work.


I was more annoyed that they took out the ENTIRE REASON Khan was supposed to have a burning hatred of Captain Kirk in the first place.


I have this weird memory of seeing it on a plane, and I swear that every time I looked up at the screen, it was either Khan doing his weird triangle smile or Spock and Khan punching each other and yelling. Granted, it was like 4am on a 13 hour flight, but it felt like half of that movie was yelling and punching.


OK, that’s another reason the second movie grated on me. Spock is supposed to be the one guy who always stays calm and collected no matter what, but by the end of the second movie we’ve seen him completely lose his shit and give someone a bloody beat-down on three separate occasions. I know he has green blood but he’s not supposed to be the Incredible Hulk.


Plus can’t he lay Vulcan nerve pinches on people? Why is Spock getting in punch-fights? That’s Kirk’s thing. It bugged the heck out of me.