John Boyega's resentment towards Star Wars is beginning to soften

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They screwed a ton of stuff up in the ST. The idea and concept behind Finn were really cool, IMO, but they squandered the ever-loving shit out of the character and the actor. A shame, really.


I blame JJ Abrams. I don’t think he cared for Star Wars or Star Trek. He was just a hot director when they gave him the job.


I think the big problem with Abrams is that he has always had more interest in creating the set-up than the follow-through. That goes for his own original projects as well as his Star Trek & Star Wars movies.

He’s like a mystery writer who pens the first half of a novel, hands it off to someone else without telling them who the killer is, then yells “WRONG!” when they try to finish it themselves.


He was one of the best things about it; he brought depth and pathos to the character and was a nice foil for Rey’s full speed ahead enthusiasm. There was too much emphasis on Poe Dameron, who was just not very interesting.


I think he was supposed to die in the original script.


The thing is it was obvious - “Lost” was such a complete disaster, Abrams doesn’t know how to finish anything, his whole thing is to have some weird unexplained stuff happen, say you’re going to have a rational explanation that will totally tie up all the loose ends, and then just don’t do that.


i liked the initial relationship set up between finn and poe. that’s what made poe interesting for me. and yeah, then they walked all over that. and intentionally so


Alias, Lost …


Yeah, I read that too.


You are so right. I thought Poe Dameron was also undercooked; they could have done much more to build the new characters.

The entire ST is disappointing (especially not standing behind TLJ, which I loved, but that’s a whole other thread.)

Fortunately, I have digital copies of the “non-special” edition OT, and no one can take those (or the memories they instilled in me as a child) away.


I actually agree with the course of action they took regarding the expanded universe. There was just WAY too much stuff out there, some good and some bad, for them to keep it all canon. By doing a clean sweep and declaring that only the original movies remained canon and everything else pre-Disney was designated “legend” they avoided a lot of confusion that would be caused if they retained some, but not all, of the EU stuff. And they can (and have) taken back a lot of the best characters and story points from the EU to make them canon again. So what’s the problem?

Finn may have been pretty much an afterthought in Episode 9 but that was nothing compared to what the writers did with Rose in that film. (“You there- go sit in the corner and do pointless space homework.”) Pretty inexcusable especially after all the abuse that the internet heaped upon Kelly Tran.

And while I’m ranting, they also completely wasted the potential of Captain Phasma in those movies. She could have been a great character.


Yes; the fact that there was imprinting going on; Finn was learning how to be a human from Poe and Rey, which was interesting, and once again, points out what a good actor Boyega was in the part, that he could convey that.


No Abrams apologies here but, as regards Lost, you have to give Damon Lindelof some of the blame as well (see Prometheus; or better yet, don’t).


“John Boyega’s resentment towards Star Wars is beginning to soften”

Not mine.

Anything not in the original trilogy, (and not the remastered crap either, we know who shot first) is garbage.
I might make an exception for Rogue One, specifically the scene where Vader finally gets to be a badass.


I was able to find a copy of the laserdisc versions that had been transferred over to DVD. So it is mono and lowres, but faithful to the original’s effects and story.

I guess I should try to pick up the latest version of the Despecialized Edition eventually.

Personally I’m disappointed they dropped Midichlorians, because that would have fixed everything. I mean, they went through the effort of making Qui-Gon speak into a lady’s razor for ages. It must be important.

JK Midichlorians are stupid too.


I think the laserdisc copies are what I have. They’re still better than the VHS of ESB that I wore out as a kid!


Rogue One is the best post-OT movie by a country mile. It’s the only one to really capture the feel of the originals and also have a compelling story. There needed to be a SW movie where the cast isn’t surrounded in plot armor, to show that a lot of people had to give it all to make the rebellion happen. And yes, that last scene is just fantastic.


Keep the first film (episode 4), along with Andor and Rogue One, and get rid of the rest.

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I always enjoy his performance Flynn in the real third movie in that trilogy: Rise of the Resistance. Both live-action segments and voicing his animatronic.